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AX.STACK.SL - TR-069 Stateless Stack For Device Vendors

AX.STACK.SL is a lightweight ultra flexible stack for remote management of VoIP devices, IADs, NAS devices, set-top boxes and virtually all other kind of devices.

AX.STACK.SL is the stack for high complexity devices like business routers, supporting an infinite set of command line based feature combinations.

Furthermore, its low footprint on device resources makes it also especially attractive for integrating it in a straight forward way as thin adaption layer between TR-069 and existing configuration management on board of smaller devices.

AX.STACK.SL is fully compliant with Broadband Forum's CPE WAN Management Protocol (CWMP) - but not limited to it's data model suite only.

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AX.STACK.SL - The Core Functionality

  • Fully adaptable parameter scope
  • Fully adaptable RPC method scope 
  • Full SSL/TLS support (optional, can be switched off)
  • Active/Passive notification based on local state changes
  • “Option 43”- Support (ACS-URL via DHCP)
  • X <VENDOR-OUI> RunCommand method to directly invoke commands on the device
  • Configfile and Firmware and Configuration File Up-/Download
  • Device configuration can be done using any pre-existing native access method instead of implementing hundreds to thousands of parameter access functions (which is still possible to do, if required)
  • Ultra fast straight forward deployment and testing times: Within days the stack is normally ready to have the device under full management via TR-069!

System Requirements


Supported Protocols

Apart from the operating system of your device which should be a POSIX compliant operating system, the following libraries have to be available on your device:

  • Standard C Library (GNU or compatible, e.g. uClibc)
  • libevent library

Depending on the features you want to enable, there may be some additional dependencies to some libraries on your system, in particular:

  • SQLite3 library (recommended for direct support of data model based management)
  • OpenSSL library (when enabling SSL support, which is recommended)



  • Transfer: TR-069, TR-111
  • Shipped with wired basic device information parameters
  • All parameter data models via easy to use API
  • Support of new vendor specific RPCs via API





AX.STACK.SL - Accept No Boundaries

Beyond this, via its built in X_<Vendor-OUI>_RunCommand remote procedure call,  AX.STACK.SL gives the management server (ACS) full access to any configuration setting and state information on a POSIX based device. 

Introducing a new configuration and state database within the devices, having to wire extensive sets of parameters into native operations during deployment but also CPU and network bandwidth intensive operations on large XML trees are replaced by a smart and simple access method to native operations on the device.


AX.STACK.SL invalidates to need for mass firmware rollouts every time the management system needs to address a new parameter on the device.

A well designed event registration system makes it possible to register new state changing events on the fly, creating for instance notifications to the ACS.