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Wed, 21 December 2011

OneAccess And Axiros Form A Strategic Alliance For Faster, Smoother And Cheaper Business Services’ Rollouts

Clamart, France: December 2011 – OneAccess, the European market leader in multi-service access routers and carrier Ethernet access devices, today announced its new strategic alliance with Axiros, the network-provisioning solutions company.

Their aim is to drive lower operating costs and faster time-to-revenue for SME and branch-office telecoms services. Customers of OneAccess and Axiros, who include most of Europe’s operators, will benefit from the companies’ closer collaboration on product interoperability. Customers will also profit from both companies’ commitment to implementing optimum business-services orientated provisioning capabilities ‘out of the box’.

Moreover, the alliance will concentrate upon translating its co-developed service-provisioning templates for OneAccess-powered business services into suggested improvements to the Broadband Forum TR-069 standard.

Denis Behaghel, CTO of OneAccess Networks, says, “Crunching operating costs is the key consideration in SME/branch office service deployments, while accelerated time-to-revenue continues to be driven hard by operators. This is an area where OneAccess has always added value for its operator customers, and through our partnership with Axiros we will protect them even more. Axiros Automatic Configuration Server (ACS) solutions are regularly used by our customers to optimise the cost of deploying and managing OneAccess router platforms out in the field. As leading exponents of TR-069, Axiros understand the hidden potential of that standard from a business-services perspective. What’s more, the alliance has invested much into defining a solution to encapsulate standard Command Line Interface commands into TR069 requests, which extends considerably the flexibility of TR-069, and can form the basis of a turnkey-provisioning solution.”

Gunther Klessinger, Axiros’s founder and Managing Director of Strategy and Innovation, says, “Operators understand that without centralised management; i.e. provisioning, monitoring, campaigns and real-time support – they simply do not have a business case for SME and branch-office services. But the TR-069 standard was developed with residential services in mind, and does not currently allow for many of the advanced parameters of business services. This is why we have bridged that gap with out-of-the-box capabilities for OneAccess routers, which remove the need for service-provisioning development projects. This alliance with OneAccess ensures that complex business services can be innovated, grown and widely deployed without incurring a provisioning-related OPEX penalty. Our technology allows the lessons and opportunities learned with TR-069 in the residential market to benefit business services. We do this by delivering lower development, rollout and management costs with a faster time to market.”

Axiros ACS solutions and OneAccess ONE Series MSARs are all fully interoperable and support the optimum light/zero-touch provisioning of new services and service upgrades. As part of the alliance, new product developments by each company will ensure this interoperability carries forward to future solutions and service deployments.

OneAccess and Axiros also plan to join forces on co-marketing their efforts to new and existing customers worldwide in 2012.